2018 Accreditation

In July 2018, WSCUC reaffirmed the university’s accreditation for eight years. The Commission’s decision was informed by the report of the review team, which conducted the campus accreditation visit March 21-23, 2018, and by the university’s Institutional Report for Reaffirmation of Accreditation, submitted to WSCUC on June 30, 2017. 

Here are the relevant documents:


Self-Study Report Steering Committee

Andrew Stubblefield (Chair) – Forestry and Wildland Resources (Senate, Academic Policies Committee)
Rock Braithwaite (Accreditation Liaison Officer) – Interim Vice Provost (Academic Affairs)
Adrienne Colegrove-Raymond - Coordinator of ITEPP and Elite Scholars 
Joseph Dieme - Word Languages and Cultures (CAHSS)
Monty Mola – Physics/Chemistry (CNRS) 
Cyril Oberlander -  Dean (Library)
Rick Zechman - Associate Dean (CNRS)
Noah Zerbe - Politics (CAHSS)
Julie Koeppel - Publications Coordinator (Registrar's Office)
Dale Oliver – Department of Mathematics (CNRS, ICC Chair)
Josh Smith - Process Improvement Manager (OIE)
Lisa Castellino - Office of Institutional Effectiveness (Academic Affairs)
Marisa D'Arpino - Change Management (OIE)
Sarah Fay Phillips – Librarian (Library) 
David Sleeth-Keppler – Department of Business Administration (CPS)
Joshua Frye - Department of Communication (CAHSS)
Brian Mistler - Executive Director (Student Affairs Health and Wellbeing Services)
Xandra Gradine - Web Administrator (Academic Affairs)
Candace Young - Undergraduate Student
Glo Brown - Undergraduate Student
Mark Wicklund - Assessment (OIE)