Path to Reaffirmation

(1) Self-study

The accreditation steering committee oversees a university self-study by assembling accounts of relevant actions since Humboldt’s last accreditation (2018), analyzing those actions, and reflecting on the results. The committee begins outlining the content of the institutional report and solicits input and feedback from the university community.

(2) Submission of institutional report

The accreditation steering committee serves as primary author of the institutional report, due June 2025. The structure, as dictated by WSCUC, is an introduction followed by four essays and final reflections. Long before submission, the committee will conduct extensive outreach to university faculty, staff, students, and the community aimed at communicating WSCUC’s expectations for each essay and soliciting content recommendations. The committee will endeavor to invite campus feedback on report drafts as progress dictates.

(3) Peer review team’s offsite review of documents

WSCUC assembles a peer review team to read and comment on the university’s institutional report prior to visiting campus spring 2026. The team makes preliminary evaluations of the report and meets with Cal Poly Humboldt representatives fall 2025. Shortly after this meeting, the team offers commendations, lines of inquiry, requests for additional information, if desired, and a list of parties with whom they wish to meet during the spring visit. The lines of inquiry form the focus of that visit.

(4) Campus accreditation visit

The WSCUC peer review team visits Cal Poly Humboldt for three days in March or April 2026 and submits a lengthy report to the university shortly thereafter.

(5) Recommendation to the Commission

The peer review team makes a confidential recommendation to WSCUC leadership based on the contents of its report.

(6) WSCUC action letter

WSCUC leadership acts on the peer review team’s recommendation in the form of an action letter to the university president. This will likely occur in June 2026.

group of happy cal poly humboldt students

Reaffirming excellence: Our entire community contributes to Cal Poly Humboldt's accreditation.

United for excellence! Join the Cal Poly community in supporting our accreditation reaffirmation efforts. Visit our Announcements page for the latest updates.

Timeline of Events

WSCUC liaison visits campus; meets with accreditation coordinating committee; addresses University SenateMarch 2024
Steering committee representatives visit numerous campus bodies:
  • Provost’s Council of Chairs
  • Associated Students
  •  Integrated Curriculum Committee
  •  University Senate
  •  Staff Council

Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Essay 1: 

Defining Institutional Mission and Acting with Integrity

Fall 2024

Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Essay 2: 

Achieving Educational Objectives and Student Success

Fall 2024

Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Essay 3: 

Assuring Resources and Organizational Structures

Fall 2024

Virtual Town Hall Meeting, Essay 4: 

Creating an Institution Committed to Quality Assurance and Improvement

Fall 2024
Report drafts posted for feedback from campus communitySpring 2025
Steering committee representatives update campus bodies from previous fallSpring 2025
Submission of institutional reportJune 2025
Offsite reviewFall 2025
Campus visitMarch 2026
WSCUC team reportApril 2026
WSCUC action letter to presidentSummer 2026